Terms and Conditions

Entry into the ANZ Boutique Wine show is subject to the following terms. By proceeding to enter, you are agreeing to these terms & conditions:

To qualify as a Boutique Winery and therefore be eligible to participate, your winery must be independently owned/operated and crush no more than 250 tonne. If you meet these requirements, please proceed to enter.

1. Your are submitting entries to the Australia & New Zealand Boutique Wine Show before or at the time of the dispatch of your bottles.
2. You must send in a minimum of 3 bottles for each entry for judging before the closing date. E.g. if two entries are submitted; six bottles should be sent for judging. Failure to do so will result in your wine not being judged.
3. A minimum of 20 dozen bottles of submitted wines must be commercially available at the time of the results.
4. Entries must be finished wines and that vintage completely bottled when submitted. Please submit final labelled wines wherever possible.
5. Two dozen bottles of the class trophy winning wines are required to be supplied at no cost to the ANZBWS for related marketing, promotional work and events to be held after the results have been released.
6. Wineries must cover their own insurance during all freighting periods.
7. All samples entered become the property of the ANZBWS & will be used at our discretion for related marketing activities.
8. Entry fees are non refundable.
9. We do not send labels to you. Wine is sorted upon arrival in Sydney.
10. By entering, I give permission for the Australian & New Zealand Boutique Wine Show to reproduce content (text, images & video) from my company website & social media accounts for the purposes of marketing and promotion.
11. Absolute final Closing Date (Delivered) for Entry Samples into Sydney is noted on the homepage of the website.
12. Freight labels for Australia & New Zealand can be downloaded from the website – CLICK HERE. Please ensure your boxes are clearly marked with these labels completed in full and attached.
13. Due to Covid-19, all relevant dates (including Judging) are subject to change without notice. We will however endeavour to keep all participants up to date should changes arise.

Please use the freight forms that will be emailed to you upon successful submission of entries, or that can be downloaded from the “Resources” section of this website. If you have not received these within 24 hours of submission, please check your junk folders. Please make note of the closing dates and don’t delay in sending your entries in.

Thank you for your entry and continued support of the ANZ Boutique Wine Show, celebrating 26 years in 2021!