Show Entry

Closing date for all Australian entries is Friday 29th September 2023. Closing date for all New Zealand entries delivered into Auckland is Friday 1st September 2023

Entry is in four pricing tiers:

  • Enter 1-4 wines for $79 each

  • Enter 5-8 wines for $69 each

  • Enter 9-12 wines for $59 each

  • Enter more than 13 wines for $49 each

Each single entry requires a minimum of 3 bottles of wine. (e.g. 4 entries x 3 bottles = 12 bottles total). No refunds will be issued for entries where the minimum number of bottles required has not been adhered to.

Classes Judged

White & Rose Wine Classes judged:

  • Class 1 – Sparkling

  • Class 2 – Riesling

  • Class 3 – Semillon

  • Class 4 – Sauvignon Blanc

  • Class 5 – Chardonnay

  • Class 6 – Pinot Gris / Grigio

  • Class 7 – Other Whites

  • Class 8 – White Blends

  • Class 9 – Rose

Red & Dessert Wine Classes judged:

  • Class 10 – Merlot

  • Class 11 – Pinot Noir

  • Class 12 – Shiraz

  • Class 13 – Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Class 14 – Italian Reds

  • Class 15 – Other Reds

  • Class 16 – Bordeaux Blends

  • Class 17 – Red Blends

  • Class 18 – Sweet & Fortified

For the 2022 season, we are trialling both low-alcohol and no-alcohol classes. Low-Alcohol is classed as between 0.5% ABV and 9.99% ABV. Zero-Alcohol is classes as between 0.00% ABV and 0.49% ABV . If you are keen to submit wines in these classes, please let us know.

REMINDER: We DO NOT send stickers in advance of you sending your stock into the Sydney & Auckland warehouses. All stock is checked and classed upon arrival.

Freight Forms

Freight forms are now automatically emailed directly to your nominated email address upon successful submission and payment of entry fees. Please check your junk mail if you have not received them.

  • Please print, complete in full, and securely attach to each box being sent.
  • Please scan the QR codes on each label and fill in tracking information request – this activates your entry directly in our stock system.

  • Dispatched to the address on the form. Please do not leave this until the last moment!
  • Closing date for Australian stock entries into Sydney is Friday 29th September 2023. New Zealand closing date for stock entries into Auckland is Friday 1st September 2023. PLEASE NOTE – ALL NEW ZEALAND ENTRIES ARE TO BE DISPATCHED DIRECT TO MAINFREIGHT AUCKLAND from your winery on the forms supplied – please DO NOT deliver to local MAINFREIGHT depots.

Please ensure that you have put the correct number of bottles per entry (3 bottles per entry for ANZ Boutique Wine Show) into your boxes being dispatched. Reminder that WE DO NOT SEND STICKERS IN ADVANCE – all wine is sorted upon arrival into Sydney

Meet the Judges