Celebrating design in the wine industry

After 24 years of the Australian and New Zealand Boutique Wine Show, 2019 brought about the need to identify and celebrate the new and traditional design concepts and innovation that house the incredible nominations. Submission to the Design Awards is a chance to be part of a global conversation of shifting disciplines that are increasingly anamorphic and visionary. Over 10% of the Wine Show additionally formed part of the Design Awards, and others entered our competition without nominating themselves for the Boutique Show itself.

We were privileged to judge 110 exceptional labels, ranging from Wood Block Wines’ simplistic, pure black screen-printed bottle bearing only the characters A66, to the Swarovski encrusted Adele Cuvee, mounted in a velvet lined box fitted with internal lighting.

With the belief that a design concept must be evaluated on its own merit without prejudice, our diverse judging panel assessed independently over four categories of design, with a trophy label selected for each based on score averages:

2019 Modern Class Winner and Label of Show
House of Cards Ace of Spades Limited Edition 2017

This class is made up of designs that challenge the traditional image of a wine label

2019 Image Class Winner
Hugh Hamilton Wines The Oddball 2016

For designs that are carried primarily by an illustration, artwork or photograph

2019 Blend Class Winner
Bellarine Estate Two Wines 2018

This class covers balanced designs that celebrate diverse compositions

2019 Minimalist Class Winner
Wood Block Wines A66 2015

This class encapsulates the science of simplicity and creative use of ‘white space’

The judges built their own terms from their experience and perspective, focusing on colour, style, typography, imagery, communication, concept, brand identity, suitability, tactility and emotion; ensuring a diverse view for each category. We proudly awarded over 50% of the entrants, leaving so many just short of a medal. Viewing the design results in conjunction with the tasting results, I can confidently confirm the age-old argument that in many circumstances, you can judge a wine by its label!

Ash Reynolds
Design Challenge Chairperson
2019 ANZ Boutique Wine Show

Stand out from the crowd